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Shoshu Hiraoka

15th January, 1949 at Nara, Japan

Graduated at Otani University
B.A. (Indian Philosophy), 1971 Otani University
M.A.(Indian Philosophy) ,1975 Madras University, India
Studied at Madras University (India) from 1972 to 1975
As a scholarship student of the Government of India, (UGC)

Secretary General of Todaiji Nigatsudo hole
President of Todaiji Medical and Educational Center

Lead Designer

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship(since 1980-81)
Lecturer of Otani university (since 1983-1985)
Lecturer of Hanazono University (since 1985-2008)
Lecturer of St.Andrews University(since 1993-1996)
Lecturer of Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (since 2004-2007)

(In Japanese)
“Vedanta philosophy in Prabodhacandrodaya,” JOURNAL OF INDIAN AND BUDDHIST STUDIES 26,,1977.
“A Study of Samkalpasuryodaya,”JIBS 27 , 1978.
“A Study of Adisesa’s Paramarthasara ,” JIBS 28,1979.
“A Study of Abhinavagupta’s Paramarthasara ,” JIBS 29,1980.
“A Study of Alwar in South india ,” JIBS 31,1981.
“Vedanta philosophy of Appayadiksita,” JIBS 32,1984
"Omizutori (the rite of drawing sacred water) and the foot in this rite",2017

(In English)
“My personal Buddhist Background and Association with Todaiji Temple ,” Young East, Vil 10.No3.1984.

BOOKS (In Japanese)
Sanskrit Training part 1 ,Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 1990
Sanskrit Training part 2 ,Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 1991
Sanskrit Training part 3 ,Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 1995
Sanskrit Training part 4 with 2CD , Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 1997
A Key to Sanskrit Training , Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 2004
Sanskrit Dictionary For Beginners , Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 2005
New Sanskrit Training part 4 with 3CD , Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 2006
Sanskrit Grammar For Beginners part 1 with CD, Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 2008
Sanskrit Grammar For Beginners part 2, Sekai Seiten Kanko Kyoukai 2012
New Sanskrit Dictionary for Beginners Sankibo Busshorin 2015
How to learn Sanskrit by heart Sankibo Busshorin 2016

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